Number 1
Number of episodes: 25
First episode: Horror of the Neo-Human Race: The Challenge of Bamba!!
Original airing: October 2, 1973 - March 26, 1974
Production Order
Inazuman Flash

Inazuman (イナズマン?) was produced by Toei Company Ltd. and broadcast on NET (now TV Asahi) from October 2, 1973 to March 26, 1974, with a total of 25 episodes. It was followed by a sequel series, Inazuman Flash. The series starred Daisuke Ban (as "Naoya Ban") of Kikaider fame in the title role. In the following series, the main enemy is the Führer Geisel (ガイゼル総統 Gaizeru Sōtō?), which was derived from the name of the Brazilian dictator of that time, Ernesto Geisel.


Inazuman is, in reality, young college student Goro Watari (渡 五郎 Watari Gorō?), a mutant. He lost his mother as a child and had other dark moments in his childhood (he had a childhood girlfriend named Teresa who was taken away by an American soldier during the US occupation of Japan). But when the Neo-Human Empire (新人類帝国 Shinjinrui Teikoku?) begins its attacks on mankind with its Fantom Army foot soldiers and mutated monsters, he puts his psionic powers to the test. First, he performs a henshin pose (crossing his arms in front of his chest) and uttering the phrase, "Gōriki Shōrai!" (剛力招来? literally "Summon Mighty Power"), he is wrapped in a blue cocoon, which bursts, revealing the creature Sanagiman ({{{2}}}?). He resembles an armored brown larva mutant with a white belt which has a biomechanical power meter on it.

Sanagiman is able to absorb the kinetic energy of any attack used against him, and when he gathers enough energy into his belt, he crosses his fists in front of his chest, uttering the phrase, "Chōriki Shōrai!" (超力招来? literally "Summon Ultimate Power"), and spreads them aside, with his chest emitting a swirl of colorful energy. Sanagiman's exterior then explodes to pieces, and in his place is Inazuman He is a moth-like mutant wearing the same power belt as Sanagiman and resembles a blue humanoid with huge colorful oval eyes, prominent lightning-shaped antennas, black gloves and boots, yellow lightning-shaped marks that stream down his body, and a yellow scarf he can transform into various weapons, including a whip-like chain.

As both Sanagiman and Inazuman, his kiai fighting cry is "Chest!" (チェスト! Chesuto!'?), which originates from the Japanese island of Kyūshū where the main character, Goro Watari, hails.

Goro is a member of the Youth League, a Science Patrol-style group of similarly psychic-powered young people, and has a telepathic link with the sentient flying car Raijingo which can fire missiles and bite bad guys with the teeth built into its mouth-like grill ("Raijin" is the Japanese god of thunder).


Sanagiman/ Inazuman
Goro Watari


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Neo-Human Empire

Mutant Robots


  1. Horror of the Neo-Human Race: The Challenge of Bamba!! (恐怖の新人類 バンバの挑戦!! Kyōfu no shin jinrui: Banba no chōsen!!?)
  2. Youth League, Beware! The Cursed Water!! (危うし少年同盟! 呪いの水!! Ayaushi shōnen dōmei! Noroi no mizu!!?)
  3. Fantom Hell Beckons the Black Death! (黒い死を呼ぶファントム地獄! Kuroi shi o yobu fantomu jigoku!?)
  4. The Japanese Archipelago Explodes!! (日本列島大爆発!! Nipponrettō dai bakuhatsu!!?)
  5. Epic Dogfight! Raijingo Bites!! (大空中戦! かみつくライジンゴー!! Dai kūchū-sen! Kamitsuku Raijingō!!?)
  6. Bizarre Snow Bambara's Neo-Human Surgery!! (怪奇ユキバンバラ! 新人類手術!! Kaiki yukibanbara! Shin jinrui shujutsu!!?)
  7. Weird! A Flying Eye!? (奇怪! 空飛ぶ一ツ目!? Kikai! Soratobu hitotsume!??)
  8. Terrifying Sandstorm! Major Airport Engulfed!! (恐怖砂あらし! 大空港沈没!! Kyōfu suna arashi! Dai kūkō chinbotsu!!?)
  9. The Glowing Mold Stalks the Night!! (光るカビは夜歩く!! Hikaru kabi wa yoruaruku!!?)
  10. Terror of the Carnivorous Gas!! (人喰いガスの恐怖!! Hito kui gasu no kyōfu!!?)
  11. Rose Bambara is Inazuman's Mother (バラバンバラはイナズマンの母 Barabanbara wa Inazuman no haha?)
  12. Mother's Enemy: Bamba vs. Inazuman (母の仇バンバ対イナズマン Haha no ada Banba tai Inazuman?)
  13. Inazuman Wounded (傷ついたイナズマン Kizutsuita Inazuman?)
  14. The Fury of Raijingo: Great Dogfight!! (怒りのライジンゴー 大空中戦!! Ikari no Raijingō dai kūchū-sen!!?)
  15. A Mother's Shadow Devoured (影をくわれたお母さん Kage o kuwa reta okāsan?)
  16. Race to Fulfill a Promise! (約束に向って走れ! Yakusoku ni mukatte hashire!?)
  17. Puzzling Confrontation! Two Goro Wataris!! (謎の対決! ふたりの渡五郎!! Nazo no taiketsu! Futari no Watari Gorō!!?)
  18. A Lightning Strike for Friendship!! (友情のイナズマ落し!! Yūjō no inazuma otoshi!!?)
  19. The Mysterious Deadly Boxer: Mirror X? (謎の殺人ボクサー ミラーX? Nazo no satsujin bokusā: Mirā X??)
  20. Chase the Star Saucer! Raijingo!! (星円盤を追え! ライジンゴー!! Hoshi enban o oe! Raijingō!!?)
  21. Watari Goro: Inazuman Dies!? (渡五郎 イナズマン死す!? Watari Gorō: Inazuman shisu!??)
  22. The Walking Clay Doll: Terror of the Cracking Earth!! (歩く土人形 恐怖の大地割れ!! Aruku tsuchi ningyō kyōfu no dai jiware!!?)
  23. The Cursed Paint That Melts Humans (呪いのえのぐが人を溶かす Noroi no e no guga hito o tokasu?)
  24. The Mysterious Robot Warrior? (謎のロボット戦士? Nazo no robotto senshi??)
  25. Majestic! The Last of Emperor Bamba!! (壮烈! 帝王バンバの最期!! Sōretsu! Teiō Banba no saigo!!?)


Inazuman is the fourth Tokusatsu series to be released by the Hawaiian company JN Productions on Region 1. DVD.