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Majestic! The Last of Emperor Bamba!!
Inazuman, Episode 25
Inazuman E25
Air date March 26, 1974
Written by Shouzou Uehara
Directed by Masaki Tsukada
Episode Guide
The Mysterious Robot Warrior?
Terror of Fuhrer Geisel and Riddle of the Despar Army

Majestic! The Last of Emperor Bamba!! (壮烈! 帝王バンバの最期!! Sōretsu! Teiō Banba no saigo!!?) is the twenty-fifth episode of the Inazuman tokusatsu series.


The robot warrior begins conquering the Fantom Army. Emperor Bamba attempts to join forces with Goro, but that plan falls through. He then seals Goro in a room where his super powers will be sucked out. Inazuman creates a device that will increase his super powers, and he uses it to escape. Bamba turns himself into Fiery Fighter, but he is no match for Inazuman.


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