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Mother's Enemy: Bamba vs. Inazuman
Inazuman, Episode 12
Inazuman E12
Air date December 18, 1973
Written by Masayuki Shimada
Directed by Minoru Yamada
Episode Guide
Rose Bambara is Inazuman's Mother
Inazuman Wounded

Mother's Enemy: Bamba vs. Inazuman (母の仇バンバ対イナズマン Haha no ada Banba tai Inazuman?) is the twelfth episode of the Inazuman tokusatsu series.


Goro discovers the entrance to the Neo-Human Empire that's deep underground, but he is unable to transform when Devil Bambara injures both his arms. When he manages to get in, he finds people who have been brought forcibly from the surface. So intent on avenging his mother, Goro is blind to their plight and he falls into Devil Bambara's trap…


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