This article is about a/an episode in Inazuman.
Puzzling Confrontation! Two Goro Wataris!!
Inazuman, Episode 17
Inazuman E17
Air date January 22, 1974
Written by Shouzou Uehara
Directed by Masaki Tsukada
Episode Guide
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A Lightning Strike for Friendship!!

Puzzling Confrontation! Two Goro Wataris!! (謎の対決! ふたりの渡五郎!! Nazo no taiketsu! Futari no Watari Gorō!!?) is the seventeenth episode of the Inazuman tokusatsu series.


Photo Bambara turns himself into an exact duplicate of Goro, robs a money transport car carrying cash, and shoots two guards. The object is to make Goro look like a vicious criminal, an outlaw with nowhere to turn except to the Neo-Humans. When Goro is arrested, Photo Bambara attacks the police car carrying him, to set Goro free…


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