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The Fury of Raijingo: Great Dogfight!!
Inazuman, Episode 14
Inazuman E14
Air date January 1, 1974
Written by Susumu Takaku
Directed by Minoru Yamada
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Inazuman Wounded
A Mother's Shadow Devoured

The Fury of Raijingo: Great Dogfight!! (怒りのライジンゴー 大空中戦!! Ikari no Raijingō dai kūchū-sen!!?) is the fourteenth episode of the Inazuman tokusatsu series.


A UFO is spotted in the mountains. Goro and the kids investigate and save Arisa, who is attacked by Fog Bambara. Arisa disappears after stealing Katsumi's photo of the flying object. Eventually, Arisa comes to trust Goro and tells him Fog Bambara's plans. The UFO is the Neo-Human Empire's bomber and they plan to attack Tokyo…


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