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Watari Goro: Inazuman Dies!?
Inazuman, Episode 21
Inazuman E21
Air date February 26, 1974
Written by Shouzou Uehara
Directed by Masaki Tsukada
Episode Guide
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The Walking Clay Doll: Terror of the Cracking Earth!!

Watari Goro: Inazuman Dies!? (渡五郎 イナズマン死す!? Watari Gorō: Inazuman shisu!??) is the twenty-first episode of the Inazuman tokusatsu series.


One day, the people of Onino Village disappear. When Goro goes to investigate, Bamboo Bambara shoots him with a poisoned arrow. He is "saved" by people who are really Neo-Humans and is in a state of suspended animation after being drugged. When Satoko and the others arrive, they see him being buried, but Satoko doesn't believe he is dead…


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